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Success in this business is all about making the right people your partners.
Setting a high standard of excellence in our people has been the key to our success. We believe that all people associated with Real Capital Solutions must be dedicated to adding continuous value, meeting our own high expectations.

Peter Wells photo

Peter A. Wells
CCS-Managing Partner

Mr. Wells has been involved in more successful condominium conversions than any other developer in Colorado. He has managed numerous conversion projects in Texas, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona, comprising 21 projects with sales revenues of $350 million.

  • With more than 10 years of experience spearheading condominium conversions, Peter Wells entered the market long before the recent boom in conversion mania
  • Peter has expertise assessing an existing project and determining what is appropriate for conversion sale
  • He is an expert at all aspects of the condo conversion process including legal, operations, suburban condos, resort and retirement market segments
  • Peter has successfully positioned projects for student, inner city, office conversions, suburban condos, resort and retirement market segments
  • A talented motivator of people, he has assembled an experienced team of specialists and partners supporting every facet of the conversion process
  • He was the first sponsor in Colorado to restart the condo conversion business, becoming one of the biggest converters in the Southwest
  • Careful and realistic, Peter has never lost money on a condo deal. In fact, most of his projects have exceeded pro forma


Everett Wiehe photo

Everett Wiehe
HCS Operating Partner

Mr. Wiehe brings over 30 years of experience successfully working out distressed residential projects in the West. Everett’s deep experience has given him a thorough understanding of business and real estate cycles, leading directly to his success.

  • Vice President of Cubit Corporation, a land developer and merchant builder from 1981 – 1988.
  • Started Highland Homes Corporation in the early 1990s, which acquired land for residential development from banks, the FDIC and the Resolution Trust Corporation.
  • In addition to homebuilding and development, Everett has developed, managed and owned office buildings, land, industrial buildings and other commercial real estate.
  • Everett has partnered with the Real Capital Solutions team for over 10 years on other condo and residential deals.




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