Our Strategy

Real Capital Solutions Initiatives

Real Capital solutions offers a full-service, privately held commercial and residential real estate investment and development company with a distinguished resume and reputation established over three decades. As a full service developer, we have the ability to rapidly move any project from site selection, acquisition, financing, construction, leasing, property management and maintenance. The Core Principles that define Real Capital Solutions: the stability, creativity, and professional expertise of our management team; an aggressive long-term business plan; a commitment to excellence and tenant service; our close relationships with strategic partners, tenants, lenders, municipalities, and real estate professionals; a consistent ability to add value; and most importantly, our unwavering pursuit of visionary development.

Our Strategy

Real Capital Solutions’ development team manages diverse development projects across the country, including senior housing, student housing, and multi-family. The development team also lends it’s expertise and resources across other RCS departments on commercial and condominium development projects.

Target markets include:

  • Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Florida Markets
  • Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
  • Atlanta, GA
  • California
We will invest outside of these markets for the right deal.

Commercial Capital Solutions adds value through:

  • Access to capital
  • Quick due diligence
  • The ability to close with cash
  • Creative deal structures and solutions
  • Innovative lease-up strategies
  • Effective and proactive asset and property management.

Commercial Cycle Strategy; timing matters

Successful real estate investing requires great care in the timing of acquisitions and the timing of dispositions. Understanding when to buy real estate is a core skill at Real Capital Solutions. The principals and employees of RCS are highly analytic and watch cycles very carefully for signs of overbuilding or excessive valuations. Unlike most real estate companies RCS pays a great deal of attention to market signals which foretell excessive valuations.

Buying at the right time ensures a considerable margin of safety.

For each product category (Apartments, Retail, Office, Housing, Condos) RCS has a business plan outlining the best time to buy (and sell) based on market indicators. RCS has developed individual investment clocks for each product type. The indicators inform us when it is safe to buy and/or dangerous to own. For purposes of illustration we show a recent trademarked investment clock for office real estate in Denver.