Our Mission & Values

Who We Are
Real Capital Solutions
Who We Are

Real Capital Solutions is a highly entrepreneurial real estate company that invests smart capital and provides practical solutions for real estate opportunities.  For over 30 years, RCS has grown through successful investing in entrepreneurial real estate ventures.  We are experts in buying and managing real estate, especially properties where we can provide added value.

RCS has consistently delivered best-in-class returns to investors by pairing opportunistic acquisition with determined execution.  Our investment performance is a result of a solutions-oriented approach to property acquisition, development, management and divestiture.  RCS will continue to produce  exceptional returns for its  investors by working with partners that share our entrepreneurial drive, operational precision, and extraordinary performance goals.

Our Mission

RCS Creates Exceptional Value in Real Estate

Our people are top-notch,creating a best-in-class culture.

RCS attracts exceptional people who are energized by an environment that supports growth, learning, and change. Our people develop expertise, gain important industry knowledge, and develop entrepreneurial skills. Through strong work ethic and dedication to teamwork, RCS boasts a high-performance culture where excellence is expected and rewarded.

Our performance is exceptional,creating best-in-class results.

RCS demonstrates remarkable investment performance by striving for the highest risk-adjusted returns in real estate. We differentiate ourselves with growth strategies that are evidence-based, highly analytical, and verified by the RCS track record. We value long-term relationships and hold ourselves to a high standard of respectful, prompt service to partners, investors, lenders, vendors, tenants and homeowners.

Our commitment is enduring,creating a best-in-class legacy.

RCS cultivates a unique legacy of philanthropy by funding important work through family foundations. We give back to our community by being respectful of our environment and matching contributions made by team members to the charities important to them. Our people, the best in their fields, will continue growing the RCS brand.

Our Values


We value the camaraderie of teams and benefits gained by understanding the talent of those around us. We value helpfulness, forward thinking, and selflessness. We anticipate our impact on the work lives of others.


Everyone is important. We show respect by learning more about the talents and challenges of others at all positions in the organization and by demonstrating our appreciation for their contributions.


We prioritize transparency, openness and an opportunity for everyone to be heard. We are open to the ideas and participation of all.


We have pride in our expertise and in our unique accomplishments. At RCS we can grow and develop skills that enhance our careers and build the organization’s brand.


We value individual accountability at all levels and we are committed to the success of our co-workers and teams.

Positivity, Fun, Joy!

We treasure the energy created by upbeat co-workers who help create a positive work environment.